Back Live at The Lexington, London, 9th June

Not long ago, I mentioned that I had a great opportunity to write with the fabulous band, The Eden House, and was pleased that one of our collaborations have made it in their new album Half Life as the final song called “First Light”. I also mentioned that there was a good chance that I may be invited to perform with them at the album launch. I’m happy to say this has been confirmed and I will be up in London on Sunday 9th June at The Lexington, Pentoville.

I’ll be singing lead vocals on “First Light” (our song) and “Sin” (from their previous album) as well as sharing vocal harmony duties on a couple more songs with some wonderful guest vocalists such as Jordan Reyne and Lee Douglas (Anathema). Needless to say, I’m very excited to be part of this amazing project and line-up. There might be some tickets left still for the launch. Hope to see you there!

There have also been some lovely reviews on the album, including a couple of mentions:

“As for the closer ‘First Light’ what a cheeky girlie vocal start on this before full range is flung out hitting the rafters magnificently.”

The new album is now on sale at various digital outlets, including Amazon (where it is standing at No.1 Bestseller for Goth Rock) and iTunes. Or you can get copies at Bandcamp for extra artwork.

That’s it for now! Hope to see you soon!

Phoenix J x