CD Baby Summertime Hits Cover Song Contest

In my email inbox last week, I read a message from CD Baby announcing another cover song contest. As I missed the last Spring contest, I thought I’d give it a bash this time, not necessarily for the prize, as there’re so many good videos out there, but because it’s fun! A win would be a bonus for sure. Besides, this ties in with one of my 2016 objectives; to upload more YouTube videos. Having only 5 song choices help me focus. And, I’ve discovered songs too that I’ve not heard before.

I shortlisted two of them to decide which to enter, and I ended up entering both!

So here are the two songs. One is a “quirky” retro take on Sia’s modern hit “Cheap Thrills” and the other is the classic “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama, for which I’ve given an introspective spin. I recorded them as one takes in my studio, an intimate and personal space some of you may recognise from my live internet concerts.

Enjoy the videos and I always appreciate you liking and sharing my music.

Phoenix J xx

ps. If the videos have been blocked in your country, you can try viewing them on my Vimeo channel.

More info on the contest here.