New Video – Live Broadcast 25 Nov 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Throw Back Thursday! In this instance, my throw backs are in the form of songs… hope this is acceptable! If you enjoy, please share! Thank you! Thank you to all who came to the recent video webcast!

This is a clip from my part of NuMuBu’s new programming Tuesdays for SONGWRITERS, a weekly live video webcast series featuring independent artists dedicated to the art and craft of songwriting.

For this half hour set, I discussed and performed rearranged versions of songs and recordings taken from some of my past album projects, including three solo and one band project. The songs are as follows, plus some chat about Junkk. I have edited out some of the chatter…

  1. Number on His Brow
    from Binary Star 1997 Debut release (World Music, New Age, Folk/Pop, Dance)
    The song was written about the plight of displaced children in a war torn country. Rescue workers marked their foreheads with numbers in order to identify each child. Some dependents in first world countries may metaphorically experience this as their care givers are too busy with their own lives…
  2. Illusive Dream
    from Let The Phoenix Fly 2013 3rd solo release (Acoustic, Piano, MOR, Adult Contemporary, Jazz)
    Don’t stop chasing an illusive dream…

  3. Junkk Music for the Soul
    from Junkk 2002 sophomore release (World, Hip-Hop, Dance-Pop)

  4. You’re Not Alone
    from A Fool’s Paradise, Greenhaus release 2010 (Trip Hhop, Dream-Pop, Space-Rock)

The rig:

Rode M2 live condenser mic
TC Helicon Voicetone T1
Boss RC 30 Looper
Korg Micropiano
Sigma TM15E travel guitar
V-tone Acoustic ADI 21 guitar pedal
Xenyx QX1002USB mixer

Open Broadcaster software
2x Logitech C920 HD Webcam
1x Lenovo laptop webcam

Left and right front spots, one ceiling down light and one back light. Spot lights are lined with aluminum foil and covered with tracing paper to diffuse the bright lights (this prevents showing up the shine on faces!)
All lighting are home furniture. Drapes are from Ikea.


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Singer-songwriter Phoenix J performs a live blend of jazz, blues, classical and dream pop arrangements of cover and original songs, on guitar or piano.
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