Pigeonhole anyone?

Over the years, I have worked extensively on various albums, solo and in collaboration. I explored varied styles, including the award-winning dance tune “Love Science 101”.

Being experimental, after all variety is the spice of life, I did not like to limit myself to just one musical genre. There is something for me and everyone! It was probably also why I enjoyed jingle writing on the side! Therein lies an artist’s dilemma. Everyone has to be pigeonholed… I’ve often been told..

Therein lies an artist’s dilemma.

So, with my new album, I’m going back to the root and birth of my interest in music. It all  began with the tinkling of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on my mother’s old de-tuned upright piano, and the strumming on a rickety old nylon guitar found in grandma’s garage, following simple chords from hit song books.

And so the acoustic story then started and now, almost two decades later, resumes…

Meanwhile, I hope you will still explore and enjoy my varied repertoire in the chapters before when I took a detour. And to hear me perform acoustically on voice and piano, please bookmark my calendar to note dates when I will be broadcasting live on the internet or gigging at a town near you!