Be Mine

Be Mine

Words and music by Phoenix J (from “Let The Phoenix Fly” release)

Life has been unkind Love is hard to find
I reached the end of the line And then you became mine
I was feeling so blue Then my eyes fell on you
Your face a laughter Your arm my shelter
The world grew dimmer The pain as melt away

I have seen a baby grow Like a bud in the winter snow
I have seen a baby glow Like the sun that is rising now
Be my baby Be my baby

I don’t know what I’d if God had not made you
I wouldn’t have a clue till I heard the sound of your tune
The sky’s now brighter than blue As my eyes fell on you
My heart beat faster, my hurt is answered
My home draws nearer, the future lights my way

Two have now become one I’m no longer alone
Where I was empty you’re there to fill me
Your love surrounds me and all else melt away