It’s no secret how I created my newest single…

I thought I’d share some of the creative and sound design ideas and processes behind my recent Christmas single in this post.

I have spent some time in the last year exploring the realm of recording via my little smartphone. Up until then, like most musicians, DIY or otherwise, my recordings have been PC computer based. This was a far cry from the past (see my interview article on Sound on Sound by Paul White). I have to admit I’m hugely excited about the prospect of going compact and totally portable!

Having already owned an iPhone, one of my early Christmas presents (my excellent excuse was I needed it urgently), leaving the lovely but rather empty box that came with it nicely wrapped up under the Christmas tree, was the Apogee MiC. It is especially designed and made for the iPhone and iPad. And yes! The vocals and live piano were all recorded using the MiC, into the iPhone using an Apple app called The Garageband. And so, you know my little secret!

And now, thanks to the sharing of fellow musicians, I have since discovered more iPhone and iPad apps that will help further the advancement of my forthcoming albums. So watch this space, my dear friends and readers! It is full speed ahead this year for me!

As for the cover design, using various photo apps in the iPhone with Adobe’s Photoshop, several ideas were cast, but ultimately, the team decided on the simplicity of the sketch, with some abstract cracks and lines drawn subtly down the face and across the eyes, bringing the focus on the eyes. I hope you liked it!

Silent Night Cover 2012 – A Metamorphosis

Photography by L. Edge and M. Padre for iMorff © Copyright 2012