New Album – Let The Phoenix Fly

Let The Phoenix Fly album cover 1 textI have to confess it’s been a struggle to get back on track to record and release a promised new solo album after a long time focusing on band projects, or not doing any project when I took a short but much needed break from doing music, in order to refocus.

And I have been working on it, mainly by doing a lot of live “rehearsals” when broadcasting my internet concerts.

So I thought I’d release a transitional album that shows how I am moving from my last commercial pop focus to my current more acoustic direction. Hopefully, the title song says it all…

Thanks to encouragement from valued fans, friends and family, I’m therefore excited to announce that I will be releasing a digital album “Let The Phoenix Fly” in the fall on Monday 14th October, which also happens to be my birthday! ^^

The album will be a small collection, a mixed bag if you will, of songs and demos written and recorded over the years, including a couple of live acoustic recordings, which have either been unreleased, have had limited release or have been unavailable for sale until now. You may have already heard some of them scattered about on the internet in various places! For a more detailed tracklisting, go to my Discography page.

It will go live on my bandcamp store page on this date with the possibility of a closer date for pre-orders.

I hope you will enjoy my latest offering and tell your friends and family about it. Spread the news! I’m as ever forever grateful for your wonderful support!

Phoenix J x