Phoenix J – March/April Updates

It’s time for an update since my last newsletter for Jan/Feb… how quickly this year has moved on already!

Recently I uploaded a few videos there, including a couple of black and white film noir all piano/vocal live broadcasts. If you’d like to view them, please visit my channel there. Meanwhile, here’s another live broadcast recording shared by a fan from Germany! He watched the live show on the internet, recorded it and shared it with permission on youtube, and with a bit of ingenious editing, added a couple of aloha girls for the happy song I was playing. For this broadcast session, I decided to give my newly acquired and learnt Luna Ukulele a bigger role in my rig. If you enjoy, please share with your friends and family! Thank you in advance.

The other song that I uploaded was Radiohead’s Creep (the second song on the video here), also with the ukulele. This reminded me of my long forgotten plan to record a new cover song and share it on youtube regularly. I enjoyed doing it (read my blog post on it). So I am now quite determined to pick up where I left off. Henceforth, there will now be more videos! Subscribe to my channel to be first to watch them.

ConcertWindowStaffPick18MarchI will be doing a new monthly half hour series of online video concerts which may involve a variety of themes such as a rehearsal, a black and white film set, a Q&A session or just jamming with my instruments, and if I can persuade them, some musicians may also join me as guests. It depends on where the mood and muse takes me.. And as Spring and Summer approaches, I will be exploring sessions from the great outdoors on my iPhone.

Watch the broadcast from your own iPad, iPhone, pc, laptop, Apple TV, Xbox, etc. anywhere you have a browser and Internet. I take song requests and answer questions. I will also ask questions. :) It is that interactive! I hope you will be able to join me on some occasion.

I will be doing this either on Concert Window or NMB Live, both of whom had featured my music at one time! For the exact date and website, please bookmark my calendar.

A couple of dates have been scheduled on Concert Window:
Monday 30th March and Monday 27th April. Follow me on Concert Window to receive instant notifications whenever I go live. You can just log in with your own Facebook account, or create a new one. Sometimes, I may just go live out of the blue, in which case, if you’re free, please tune in and say hi!

They play Original Alternative Americana, Country, Bluegrass, Psychedelic, Rock/folk, Gypsy/punk, full-on. Driven by the bass of former Damned/UFO/Eddie & the Hot Rods legend Paul Gray, this wild, brilliant, incredible band features lapsteel, guitars, drums, vocals, harmonica, mandolin, bazouki and doc marten boots!! The six piece band that sounds like, at least, an eight piece!! You may remember I joined them last year on vocals.

Monte Dons 12 Dec Nags Head (2)

Recently we started going into the studio to record a new EP, which is slated for release later this year. In tandem, we have some gigs lined up from May onwards. Meanwhile, they will start to do some online webcast concerts. For dates with the band, view my calendar. Our trial debut on Concert Window will be taking place on Friday 20th March, 9pm UK (2pm PT/ 5pm ET).

That’s it for now. To receive more instant updates, subscribe to my blog here, or follow/connect/like with me on Facebook.

Till the next update, have a great one!

Phoenix J xx