Happy 2016! from Phoenix J

Happy New Year! Hope it has been a great year for you last year and you’re all set for the new this year!

I too have a few things planned. Thank you for your wonderful continued support through the years, without which I would not be doing what I love doing, making music for you, my fans, friends and listeners. It has encouraged me to focus on some new things this year.


Firstly, I’m starting a new weekly Concert Window live acoustic lounge video webcast on Mondays, in addition to my ongoing schedule for radio and video shows. Call this a “pick me up” chilled out hour to help set you up for the rest of the week as momentum builds up again towards the weekend. The video below is a snippet of what you can expect. You can watch the show from anywhere, as it is broadcast on the World Wide Web, on your PC, Apple TV, tablet, smart phone, etc, during breakfast, lunch or dinner! I will be broadcasting at around 10pm GMT (UK). Check your time on world clock.  I hope you will be able to join me! Follow me on http://www.concertwindow.com/phoenixj to receive show notifications. Check out my calendar for all dates.


Secondly, this is also the year I will be putting out a long delayed 4th solo album, comprising acoustic renditions of classic and semi-unknown covers. Yes, it is time, as my last album, Let The Phoenix Fly, was released back in 2013! So I’m rather excited. Watch this space folks! Keep your ears and eyes peeled for the Winter release!

That’s it for now for my first update this new year in 2016. More to come… Meanwhile, please enjoy, and share, the video below and hope to see you soon on the Internet!

Lots of love, hugs and warm wishes,

Phoenix J xxx