New Video – Live Broadcast 10th Feb 2015

Enjoy a smoky black and white film noir all piano-vocal LIVE video broadcast concert experience!

This was also streamed simultaneously into Second Life venue End of Time where I perform bi-weekly audio broadcast concerts.

First half hour comprise all covers whilst the second set comprise all original numbers in keeping with the Numubu Songwriters Series. I look forward to the next one on 10th March.

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Set 1 (Covers):
1. Wonderful World (Thiele/Weiss)
2. Sweet Dreams (Lennox/Stewart)
3. Summertime (Gershwin/Sondheim)
4. You’ve Got a Friend (Carole King)
5. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers/Hart)
6. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Andre/Schwandt/Kahn).

Set 2 (Originals)
1. Illusive Dream (J.Martin – Let The Phoenix Fly solo release 2013)
2. You’re Not Alone (J.Martin/S.Bellamy – A Fool’s Paradise, greenhaus 2010)
3. Second Chance (J.Martin/S.Bellamy – A Fool’s Paradise, greenhaus 2010)
4. Three Strikes (J.Martin/S.Bellamy – A Fool’s Paradise, greenhaus 2010)
5. Groggy (J.Martin/D.Sturgess – Firebird Music 2013)

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