Summertime – An Improvisation

This is a live improvisation of Summertime with the help of my newly acquired Vox Lil Looper, which lets me become a one (wo)man band.

I first record a guitar part before I sing the first verse as it goes on a loop. As my mic is also hooked up to the looper (in case I fancy doing some backing vocal loops), I have to stay quiet during each loop recording. This is followed by the rhythm guitar, and then the Rhodes piano sound to pad out and grow the song. This “comping” is all done in one take. Finally I improvise over the rest of the song with a lead grand piano.

If you have attended my internet concerts in Second Life, or listened in on a media player, and have heard this song performed in this way, now you have also seen me in action. 🙂

Phoenix J x

Equipment I use (in the order of the sound chain):

Sigma T15E Travel Electro-Acoustic guitar
Behringer V-tone Acoustic pedal
Shure SM58 microphone
Korg SP170s stage piano
Behringer UB1002FX mixer
JoeMeek VC3 compressor
Vox Lil Looper
Apogee Jam
iPhone (video, audio, Ustream or Papaya Broadcaster apps)

Live Improvisation by Phoenix J
Gershwin and Heyward’s Summertime