Doggies want their dinner…

Some of you may remember I posted a video a while ago where my kids video/photo bombed my rendition of Crazy. Well this time, not them, but both my dogs joined me half way when I was trying out a ukulele version of Summertime… Well I carried on playing with one hand.. and the song continued, thanks to my Boss RC 30 loop station.

I’ve also just started learning the ukulele… Thanks to a son’s short-lived interest in the instrument, I rescued his discarded present from the mountain of teenage “debris” in his room. Following some tips off youtube, and becoming quite hooked on the idea of using this very portable musical object on trips (yes I know, like my travel guitar isn’t small enough already), and realising his toy was not really fit for purpose, even after restringing with Aquila strings, I ordered and, with permission, opened up my early Christmas present from hubby.

My beautiful new Luna Soprano Honu Ukulele with Turtle Lazer Etched Design is featured at the start of and throughout this video. Watch this space! I shall be playing more uke soon!

Forgive the quality of the video. Whilst mucking about with the song, I was also testing the different settings on the video recording software and unfortunately it was set to low bit rates. Fortunately I was able to “clean” it up a bit with an app.

Hope you enjoy this! Let me know what you think? If you like it, please share!

Thank you for watching and lots of love,

Phoenix Jx