Second Chance

I’ll be adding lyrics of songs I have written over time… starting with a track written for greenhaus’ newest album “A Fool’s Paradise” called, “Second Chance”.

The inspiration for the song came from reading a news story on how a couple, having been sadly told their newborn babe was still-born, but upon returning it home to have a farewell funeral, discovered it stirred! Such a poignant true-life miracle story!


Words by Phoenix J
Album: A Fool’s Paradise by greenhaus
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I’ve been told
It was so cold
A still-born babe
Would she like to hold it
Before you take it away?

So I took it home
A babe in a crypt
It’s not ours to keep
But then she smiled up at me
She smiled at me!

Can we believe in a miracle??

A second chance
At a second life
The thrill of surprise
A will to survive
A will to survive

Written by Phoenix J
©2010 Phoenix J/S.Bellamy/PRS/MCPS